Poem by Masahisa Goi

Silently, for ages, Earth has gazed

Upon its skin, the vast terrain,

Where capricious humans, a young breed,

Ran amok with their wild ways.

Long ago, at Heaven's request,

Earth harbored tiny souls of light,

Divine extensions, crafting in unison

Two beings - man and woman, flesh-bound.

These beings multiplied their kind,

Behaving as monarchs of the Earth,

Subduing fish, birds, flora, and fauna,

Waging wars, scarring land, and stirring seas.

Earth, unable to contain their recklessness,

Shouted, "Heaven and I created you!"

Yet, their ignorance persisted,

Until Earth roared in discontent.

Suddenly, storms arose, lands quaked,

Mountains crumbled, seas raged,

In fear and madness, they sought salvation,

Learning slowly of their celestial origin.

They worshipped Earth,

Cried out to the Heavenly Parent,

Eventually becoming one with the source,

Illuminating the world, hailed as saints and Buddhas.

Yet, the enlightened returned to the stars,

Upon Earth, Humans who are always unenlightened, remained,

deep in confusion,

Became slaves to ego and desire,

And began to wield tools of destruction.

Exasperated, Earth deliberated with the heavens:

"Should I tremble, shake off these nuisances,

And reshape humanity anew?"

Heaven responded,

"Wait a moment more,

We're sending a brigade of light,

And now, the great illumination descends."

With Earth and Heaven's accord reached,

Now, it's said, a great illumination descends from the celestial realm to save humanity.

A single phrase of the secret dialogue between Heaven and Earth.

■Collection of poems 「ひゞき(HIBIKI)」(Resonance)(Japanese)
Written by Masahisa Goi