The peaceful breathing


In January 2003, "The peaceful breathing" was introduced by Masami Saionji, the chairman of the ”Byakko Shinko Kai”.

Breathing is fundamentally a connection of life that binds oneself to the source of life in the great universe, and it is a prayer of life.

Through this breathing technique, cosmic life energy is absorbed, awakening one's divinity, transmitting the resonance of truth to humanity, and awakening humanity to the truth.
Eventually, within the achievement of the great harmony of the entire universe, one's own being will harmonize and achieve fulfillment.

How to practice Peaceful Breathing

This breathing technique is fundamentally performed entirely through nasal breathing.
 1.While taking a deep breath, while mentally reciting the words: "WARE SOKU KAMI NARI” (I am a divine being).

 2.Hold your breath for a few seconds (no longer than is comfortable for you) and focus on a positive thought, "Accomplished."

 3.Exhale slowly, mentally reciting the words: "JINRUI SOKU KAMI NARI” (All humanity is divine).
The procedure consists of the above three steps.

The declaration of "Accomplished" encompasses the achievement of world peace, the great harmony of all living beings on Earth, and the fulfillment of individual desires (health, prosperity, harmony, success, happiness), among other things.
Therefore, it is sufficient to declare "Accomplished," but you can also think of words of optimism and enlightenment, such as "It’s absolutely all right!", "Everything is sure to get better!" or "I can definitely do it!," depending on the circumstances.
Use this breathing technique as many times as you wish at any time during the day, making it a regular practice for yourself.
Repeating this breathing technique will bring peace to your heart, liberate you from suffering, and allow you to heal and harmonize your soul, spirit, and body.

Byakko Shinko Kai’s Peaceful Breathing