Manual from the Universe
 ー Written by Yosuke Seki

The Completed 21st Century

※The content is based on the situation as of 1997.

※This book has not been translated and published, so it is an original translation on this site.

 In the 21st century, which is just around the corner, the earth world of this new era, like other evolved celestial bodies and stars in the universe, will see a wide opening of the door to a higher dimension where the fourth and third dimensions intersect, and a great transformation will begin, shifting the three-dimensional material civilization to a four-dimensional spiritual civilization world.

 In other words, just as you can't take anything from this world with you when you depart for the afterlife, all the three-dimensional values like social status, power, and wealth that one has accumulated will become meaningless and entirely useless. A new world is opening where these factors have no relevance.

This new world is one where heaven and earth, as people have previously conceived, are completely inverted. Only the virtues accumulated by individuals continue through the dimensions. In this world, all disharmonious beings are eradicated, and elements of discord, conflict, and karmic thoughts cannot persist. It is a marvelous world of love and harmony itself.

 It is also a world where every individual among the human masses will simultaneously attain true salvation and enlightenment. It's a world of peace, where individual and collective enlightenment happens concurrently. In other words, the world of the fourth dimension will also open up on this Earth, making it the completed 21st century.