How man should reveal his inner self

 Man is originally a spirit from God, and not a karmic existence.

  He lives under the constant guidance and protection provided by his Guardian Deities and Guardian Spirits.

  All of man's sufferings are caused when his wrong thoughts conceived during his past lives up to the present manifest in this world in the process of fading away.

  Any affliction, once it has taken shape in this phenomenal world, is destined to vanish into nothingness. Therefore, you should be absolutely convinced that your sufferings will fade away and that from now on your life will be happier.

  Even in any difficulty, you should forgive yourself and forgive others; love yourself and love others. You should always perform the acts of love, sincerity and forgiveness and thank your Guardian Deities and Guardian Spirits for their protection and pray for the Peace of the world. This will enable you as well as mankind to realize enlightenment.