Toitsu with "Prayer for the peace of the world” Short version (about 3 minutes) (English)

Toitsu Meditation

Toitsu (統一) is a Japanese word that means ‘unity’ or ‘oneness’.

Toitsu is a practice to unite one's thoughts with one's true heart, or God's heart.

It is different from general mental unification or meditation, in which one's thoughts are focused on a single purpose.

When one's thoughts become one with one's true mind, the right actions of love, truth, and beauty will naturally appear in daily life.

How to practice of Toitsu with the “Prayer for the peace of the world”

Goi Sensei (Master Goi) (the advocate of the "Prayer for the peace of the world”) taught "Toitsu" through the use of Spirit clapping hands, Spirit Whistles, and various types of IN (Mudra).

Nowadays, you can listen to cassette tapes or CDs of his "Toitsu" Instruction while practicing Unification.

If you would like to receive a cassette tape or CD of Goi Sensei's "Toitsu" Instruction, please contact the Byakko Shinko kai.

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First, form the Nyorai IN, and Maintain correct posture.

How to parform the Nyorai IN (如来印)

The Nyorai IN is a gesture to connect with one's true heart.
When toitsu is performed, this IN should be kept in the same position.

Form a circle with the thumb and index finger.

Next, link the circles of both hands like a chain, ensuring the palms face upwards, and place lightly on the lap.

The palm of the hand can be either left or right side up.

Also, when making a circle, either the left or right thumb may be on top.

Toitsu's posture

As a general rule, Toitsu is performed seated in a SEIZA position or on a chair.

Form a "Nyorai IN" and straighten your back.
Pull the chin back lightly and relax the shoulders.
Face forward and lightly close your eyes.
Maintain this posture until Toitsu is finished.

Next, to the voice lead of Goi Sensei, we pray the “Prayer for the peace of the world” first in Japanese, and then in English (or in the language of their own country).

After that, we will listen to Goi Sensei's Spirit clapping hands and Spirit whistles while silently praying in own heart for a "Prayer for the peace of the world".

We think that all the miscellaneous thoughts that appear during Toitsu are "The Shape Fading Away" and we continue to pray for "Prayer for the peace of the world" without chasing or being caught up in miscellaneous thoughts.

All thoughts disappear of their own accord, and you become one with the mind of God.

About Toitsu (explained by Goi Sensei)

I'll explain it to you since some people are new to it, but when it comes to Toitsu, you shouldn't force yourself to do it.
"I have to unify! Hmm!"
It's no good doing that.

Open your heart, slowly relax your body, let go of your mind and body, and release your mental tension.
Then we can achieve true unity.

However, make sure to stretch your back properly.
All you have to do is form a circle with "Nyorai IN" and listen to the Spirit Whistles and Spirit clapping hands playing "Prayer for the Peace of the World".
Then you can Toitsu naturally.

Toitsu means to enter one's true heart and become one with God's heart.
So let's get started.

Prayer for the peace of the world


May peace Prevail on Earth.
May peace be in our homes and countries.
May our missions be accomplished.
We thank you Guardian Deities and Guardian Spirits.

Toitsu with "Prayer for the peace of the world”  Standard version (about 8 minutes) With the Great spirit Sound Purification of O(English)

Toitsu with "Prayer for the peace of the world”  Long version (about 14 minutes)