Daily Guiding Principles
 ー Written by Masami Saionji


The 'Prayer for the peace of the world' is a prayer wishing for the happiness of all living beings. It encompasses everything: those visible and invisible, those far and near, acquaintances and strangers, the deceased and those yet to be born, loved ones and adversaries, animals and plants, and everything that manifests in this world. The 'Prayer for the peace of the world' exists, including all without exception. This prayer then becomes a light of love, showering every corner of the Earth without missing any spot. In this way, all is brought to peace. The 'Prayer for the peace of the world' is everything there is.


True prayer not only concerns oneself but also purifies people's tainted thoughts and fills the inner being of people with light.
Prayer is indispensable for humans, an essential element that cannot be omitted in daily life.
It is important to value and think deeply about prayer.
Your prayers are providing people with tranquility, peace, love, and comfort.


Share your happiness, your joy, and your wonders with others. Take on their sorrows, their sadness, and their pains, and pray for them in their stead. They cannot pray for themselves. By transforming everything into prayer, that person will be saved. And you, too, will grow by leaps and bounds, becoming even more wonderful.


Every human being is equally responsible for actions taken twenty years ago, ten years ago, or just a few years past, even today. Time may have passed, but those past actions have not disappeared. The question arises: how can one take responsibility for actions from a past that has already elapsed? The ideal solution would be to travel back in time, like through a time tunnel, to repent, reflect on, and rectify the spoken words and actions, and then return to the present. However, such a solution is not feasible in our times. So, is there a real way to erase past sins from this world? Yes, there is. It is through prayer. By casting everything into Prayer for the peace of the world, as if sending off the fading past, and praying earnestly, it's as if you could travel back in time, erase the sins with your own hands, and start anew. This is possible through the power, light, and energy of prayer. The effect is immense, astonishing. Without prayer, past sins and actions will never disappear and will continue to affect the present and future. Prayer for the peace of the world is everything.

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