This declaration was presented by Ms. Masami Saionji of Byakko-Shinko-Kai.  It is not a statement to others, but rather a statement to one's true self.  It is meant to help you connect your true self with the purpose of your guardian spirit or guardian deity, to awaken the power of your true self, and to facilitate the manifestation of your infinite love, wisdom, and abilities.

WARE SOKU KAMI NARI(I am a divine being Declarative)

The words I speak are the words of God. The thoughts I emit are thoughts of God. The actions I take are the actions of God.

  The words, thoughts, and actions of God are abundantly overflowing with infinite love, infinite wisdom, infinite joy, infinite happiness, infinite gratitude, infinite life, infinite health, infinite light, infinite energy, infinite power,  infinite success and  infinite supply…They are nothing more, nothing else.

  Therefore, WARE SOKU KAMI NARI, I speak, think and act just as God does.

  I will brighten and elevate myself to become none other than God so that when others see me they cannot help but think that they have seen God.

  Those who have seen me have seen God. I emanate light and continue to radiate the most supreme infinite love of God to all mankind.

※This declarative statement is accompanied by a "IN (印)".
For more information on how the "IN(印)" is transmitted, please refer to the "Byakko Shinko Kai" website.

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