Daily Guiding Principles
 ー Written by Masami Saionji


Those who are mentally weak or immature always try to push their responsibilities onto others. They are also prone to making excuses for themselves. Additionally, they tend not to confront matters directly, and their first instinct is often to try to escape. Such people never truly grow up. Even if their bodies have matured completely, their minds have stopped developing, remaining at the level of a twelve or thirteen-year-old. It's only when one stops blaming others that they can become a true adult. The responsibility lies within oneself. No matter what happens, recognizing that it is a result of one's own actions, and bravely accepting this, embodies the spirit of an adult.


Every day, I wish to live with a clear heart. Various distracting thoughts always appear and then disappear. In a world that is perfectly clear and transparent, there is no conflict, no sorrow, and, of course, no suffering. Always at peace, undisturbed by anything, without any ripples. I desire to immerse myself in such a world at least once a day. That world arises from the "Prayer for the peace of the world."


Your face today, how beautifully it shines. What beauty. The beauty of the heart, purity, and nobility are all reflected in your face. No ambition, no desire. No vanity. Only the heart of God, praying for the peace of mankind. The radiance of today will continue just the same tomorrow, and the day after, and a year from now, and ten years from now, never to be lost for all eternity.


If a person sincerely seeks God, it does not matter whether they are in the vast snowy plains of the Himalayas, in a modern city thriving with culture and civilization, or even in a monastery far removed from the secular world. After all, God resides within one's own heart.

Book「日々の指針(Daily Guiding Principles)」(日本語/Japanese) 西園寺 昌美 著