Daily Guiding Principles
 ー Written by Masami Saionji


When we reflect on the past as if looking into a mirror that illuminates it, it becomes apparent that there are far more people who harbor negative, dark thoughts than those with positive, bright ones. This is likely true even when we consider our own actions throughout the day. If we think back on the time from when we wake up in the morning until we go to bed at night, we might realize that we often expressed more complaints, criticisms, or spoke ill of others, rather than offering praises or positive words. Let us strive to change this starting from today.


Opportunities are always in front of us.

There is hardly anyone who has never encountered an opportunity in their life.

It's just a matter of whether they seized it or not.

So, how can one seize these opportunities?

One should live in accordance with the laws of nature.

Those who cannot capture opportunities are living in some way against the laws of nature.

The laws of nature mean to be in harmony with everything on Earth.


Despite having such clear eyes, you dare not try to see anything.

Despite having such wonderful ears, you particularly do not try to listen.

Despite having such a beautiful mouth, you do not try to speak from the heart.

The figure of God, the voice of God, the words of God.

If you just slightly turn your heart towards God, what you have never felt before, what you have never noticed before, will become clearly conscious to you, and the truth of God will come closer to you.


You don't need to express your own opinion.

There's no need to try to make yourself stand out.

There's no need to assert your presence.

You just need to be there quietly.

By just being there, sincerely listening to others' stories, and being genuinely moved is enough.

That's all it takes.

People gather around those who truly listen to them.

Book「日々の指針(Daily Guiding Principles)」(日本語/Japanese) 西園寺 昌美 著