Daily Guiding Principles
 ー Written by Masami Saionji


How do people learn to protect themselves when they are faced with the limits of their abilities, when confronted with a crisis? It's simply that they don't know because they have never been in such a situation before, but strangely, everyone seems to be aware of it. Every person is endowed with the means to overcome any situation. Even a newborn baby knows this. It is a remarkable "adaptability." For instance, imagine being placed in extreme difficulty, adversity, pessimism, or at the very bottom. Initially, anyone would experience immense suffering, bear emotional scars, and think they could never recover. However, the power hidden within humans exhibits a force beyond our wildest imagination. Gradually, the ability to adapt to that situation develops, and the strength to endure grows. Thus, everyone, in their own unique way, manages to overcome their crises. This strength is the "latent potential" given uniformly by God to all.


What are you feeling now, and what are you gazing at as you live?

And what are you thinking about as you live?

Are you thinking about tomorrow? Or the future? Or perhaps events from the past that have passed?

There must be all sorts of ways of living that each person considers.

Rather than directing your thoughts and considerations solely to the immediate things that appear before you, if you constantly plan for, dream about, and envision the enjoyable events in the near future, one or two years ahead, those dreams will truly come to fruition in ways you never imagined.

Because your heart constantly envisions a joyful future, you will not be caught by the various sufferings, worries, and sadnesses that currently seem to overwhelm you as reality; those worries will naturally pass by and disappear.

Constantly shifting your mindset is one of the tricks to living.


In this world, there exist people who do not belong to what is commonly referred to as types or categories. Such individuals are often labeled as eccentrics or those with strong personalities. However, I do not think so at all. I believe they live beyond types and categories. Because they transcend, from the perspective of ordinary, conventional people, their actions and words often appear difficult to judge. They are not living in the past but are trying to live in a future world. Therefore, they are likely already one step ahead, awakened to a world that is still invisible and incomprehensible to ordinary people.


The chance to unleash your hidden potential is now. There is no better time than the present.
Why are you hesitating so much? What are you so fixated on? What is it that's preventing you from taking immediate action?
There's no need to hesitate. Come on, right now, in this moment, it's time to start taking immediate action on what you're thinking about, what you want to do, and so on.
It's during the process of actually taking action, in the midst of it, that everything will come together. While you're busy thinking, in reality, you can't accomplish anything.

Book「日々の指針(Daily Guiding Principles)」(日本語/Japanese) 西園寺 昌美 著