Daily Guiding Principles
 ー Written by Masami Saionji


Let's make our hearts more refreshing.
Let's make our hearts more straightforward.
The simplest heart is the best.
Make it clear and obvious to anyone who sees.
When the heart becomes cluttered and complicated, you will only find yourself uncertain about what to do.
Do not waver back and forth repeatedly, but instead, put all your feelings, your doubts, and your thoughts into God.
Then, through the wonderful vibrations (intuitions) from God, you will be given answers you did not expect.


There are times when everyone might feel like crying.

Times when you might feel like getting angry.

Times when you might want to voice a complaint.

That's perfectly normal.

When such emotions start to take up a large space in your heart, remind yourself:

"You've done well to come this far.

You've truly made it to this point.

It must have been tough.

It's understandable.

Now, if you want to cry, go ahead and cry. If you want to be angry, be angry."

After that, if you thoroughly engage in the "Prayer for the peace of the world," everything up to now will fade away.

It's human nature that sometimes, everyone wants to throw everything away and behave like spoiled brat.


Why must people seek things that are fruitless and worthless, constantly toiling without end?

After removing the veil of thoughts, one realizes how the path that seemed most complex and difficult was, in fact, simple and easy.

Status, power, honor, money - these are what complicate and make life challenging for everyone.

There is nothing more vain in life than greed and the pursuit of glory.


Why worry about diseases you haven't even contracted yet?
It's nothing but foolish.
It's a waste of time.
It's a loss of energy.
You're using unnecessary nerves, hurting yourself.
Maybe you're too idle, or overwhelmed with too much information around you, struggling to decide what to choose or not.
Worrying about the diseases you currently have is one thing, but fearing non-existent ones is nonsensical.
It's not too late to change.
Stop unnecessary worrying right away.
Don't use all your energy solely for yourself; instead, turn your attention to more humanitarian directions.
Then, you'll find yourself free from fretting over trivial matters.

Book「日々の指針(Daily Guiding Principles)」(日本語/Japanese) 西園寺 昌美 著