Humanity, let us ride the laws of the universe.
 ー Written by Masahisa Goi

The universe continues to move.

Every living thing,

Every conceivable thing,

All continue to move.

From the world of stars, vast in scale, to the world of subatomic particles,

This movement always seeks harmony,

And cannot stop in disharmony.

Within these principles of nature,

Humanity, a curious creature,

Continues to live, assertively and unapologetically,

In movements discordant with the universe.

Have we, humanity, forgotten

That the fundamental movement of the universe seeks harmony?

Both individuals and nations continue to run astray from the laws of the universe.

Eventually, this will lead to withering in the dark world outside the universe.

Beyond the universe lies a world without light,

A world where all motion ceases.

Unless we realize the discordant movements that deviate from the laws of the universe,

Human evolution will halt as it is,

And life will wither away.

Now, more than ever, humanity must understand

That we are a part of the great cosmos

And are sustained by all its harmonies.

We must start marching in great harmony,

Aligning our wayward paths with the laws of the universe.

We are the forerunners,

Continuously praying for world peace.