Manual from the Universe
 ー Written by Yosuke Seki

A Manual Anyone Can Understand

※The content is based on the situation as of 1997.

※This book has not been translated and published, so it is an original translation on this site.

So, why do we need a manual?

The time has come when the universe no longer needs to send a few saints and sages to Earth to serve as specific leaders.

The final "time" has come to complete the earth by trying to make each one of the human masses a saintly, wise, leader-class person, that is, each one of us, in our earthly bodies, reduced to our original divine image.

It is also the "time" when the laws of the universe, the will of God, and the manual of Great Compassion can be delivered to the earth and handed to each and every human being on earth through earthly means of communication.

However, even though human beings are all equally God's children and His children's spirits in essence, each human being on earth is a unique being with ten different colors, a hundred different people, and a thousand different ways of being, depending on their past lives and their present causal relationships.

This is because we are all of different races and ethnicities, young and old, male and female, and have different personalities, abilities, knowledge, and experiences.

Of such human beings, the old-fashioned way of waking up, for example, doing things that are too far removed from the daily lives of ordinary people, such as things that smart people can do but bad people can't, or people with physical strength can do but people without it, are not useful.

As we can see in history, while people have been saved and awakened by the precious principal image, it is not good to have a manual that says that because of differences in principal image, new conflicts are created.

Therefore, we need a gentle method that can be done by anyone who wants to do it, and that will not cause any problems.

For example, with a good manual, a company, factory, convenience store, or family restaurant can hire part-time housewives or part-time students to run the place anyway.

They could also become professional full-time employees, depending on their training and practice.

Like such a manual, a proven and reliable manual has been delivered from the ultimate source of the gods of the universe and cosmic deities, assuring that any human being can easily implement it, improve it with practice, and attain enlightenment to open his/her eyes to the truth.

These are ”Prayer for the peace of the world”, "How man should reveal his inner self" and the IN of "WARE SOKU KAMI NARI(I am God)”,  “HITO SOKU KAMI NARI(you are God)”※1, ”JINRUI SOKU KAMI NARI(humanity is God)".

※1 The proclamation and symbol of “HITO SOKU KAMI NARI(you are God)” have fulfilled their roles and are now excluded from the Universe manual.