A Message to Brighten Tomorrow / Written by Masami Saionji

For those leading a busy life, the most important thing is to take time for self-reflection, to turn your heart towards God, and to pray, no matter how quickly time seems to pass by.

However, modern life goes against this principle. The busier we get, the more we lose time for self-reflection, for introspection, and for contemplation. This leads to constant suffering, sadness, and illness.

In the midst of our hectic schedules, where every second counts, the first thing we must do is pray and reflect on ourselves. Taking time to plan our approach to work, organize our thoughts, and focus our energy is the foundation for effectively completing the tasks at hand.

Conversely, if we rush to start work as quickly as possible and strive for immediate results without taking time to reflect and pray, we inevitably encounter troubles.

When we see others working hard to achieve results quickly, we may feel pressured not to fall behind. However, neglecting self-reflection and prayer in favor of diving straight into work will always lead to problems.

Each person is unique. It is essential to consistently take time, morning, noon, and night, to sit with God, give thanks, and turn our hearts towards Him. Until we fully understand the right way to live and work, and the purpose behind our actions, true success is unattainable.

Therefore, in today's increasingly busy society, it is crucial to set aside time for prayer and to reflect on whether we are grateful for the events of each day.

Before starting work, we should pray that the work goes well, that it contributes to world peace, and that we can devote all our energy to it. 

We should thank God for giving us the task and for the opportunity to use ourselves in this work.

Even if we start work five or ten minutes later due to our prayers, we can achieve better results in a shorter time than those who began earlier without praying. 

This is because the necessary, wonderful energy for the task will flow forth.

Compared to those who work under constant time pressure, those who pray will see significantly better results, more concentrated efforts, and more impressive outcomes for themselves and those around them.