Q. It has been prophesied that before the appearance of the Savior, there will be natural disasters, wars, and other calamities, leaving humanity enveloped in sorrow. But is this truly the case?


 It was indeed true, but now, it has become possible to avert such misfortunes for humanity. 

Why have there been such prophecies from the past, and even now, various people are making such prophecies through various methods?

 It is because, when looking at the vibrational waves of humanity's karma-thoughts, it seems unavoidable that such disasters will manifest. 

This state is reflected in the movements of the stars and can be felt as spiritual inspiration by humans with spiritual bodies, making it appear that the earthly world cannot escape major disasters. 

This world is operated by human thoughts, with wars and natural disasters being the self-destructing form of karma-thoughts. 

In the human world from the past to the present, most people are self-centered and nationalistic, harboring destructive thoughts and ideologies towards those who do not benefit themselves or their countries. 

Everyone is filled with selfish desires, wanting to gain an advantage over others. 

Such mutual thoughts are bound to clash, inevitably leading to war. 

And when these destructive thoughts affect nature and the Earth, they result in natural disasters.

 Thus, even without psychic abilities, one can somewhat predict the outcome for humanity.

 However, everyone, the Great God is a being of great mercy, and humans are a part of God's life, His true children. 

The Great God knew from the beginning that humans on Earth, being physical beings, would inevitably drive themselves to such an end. 

Therefore, when humanity is pushed to the brink, it is believed that they will finally turn their thoughts towards God, and to induce this, guardian gods have been placed over humanity to protect them. 

Now, these guardian gods, along with the enlightened spirits of human ancestors, or guardian spirits, have begun to actively make their presence known in the world of humanity. 

And the Great Light at the center is called the Savior, and we are the beings who provide all our physical functions as the working place of that Great Light in the earthly world.

People from around the world, who have continued to wish to save the Earth from great destruction in past lives, are now joining hands in this life to become the working place for the great light, starting actions for the salvation of humanity, their long-cherished wish. 

This wish is being fulfilled through the great purification of karma-thoughts by the guardian spirits, resulting in only a fraction of the self-destruction manifesting in the earthly realm. 

For this reason, we are working to have as many people as possible perform the prayer for world peace, a promise with the heavenly realm. 

Even when we are indulging in leisure or sound asleep, the guardian spirits tirelessly continue their activities of light for the salvation of the world of humanity. 

I know this more clearly than anyone. 

The more I know, the more filled I am with gratitude towards the spirit gods. 

Without these Guardian Divinities and Guardian Spirits, humanity would surely perish. 

The deeper and more numerous your prayers for world peace, the more this earthly world will be saved without harm. 

Knowing this truth is the first and greatest thing for the people of the world to avoid great disasters. 

Before fearing wars and natural disasters, you must fill your heart with gratitude towards Guardian Divinities and Guardian Spirits. 

Only in a life of prayer, from prayer to prayer for world peace, can one's true divine mission be fulfilled, and the path to eternal peace for the world of humanity will be opened.

■書籍「宗教問答(Religious questions and answers)」(日本語/Japanese) 五井 昌久 著/Written by Masahisa Goi